Avnet MiniZed BLE

Software Engineer, Intern
Avnet, Inc.
Summer 2017 (3 months)
What is the application about?

The iOS application uses the Murata 1XD module for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communications on the MiniZed. The app displays readings from low data rate sensors on the ST accelerometer and temperature sensor, board status, and other features such as setting up Wi-Fi by providing network credentials.

What part of the application was I involved in?
I developed the prototype version that received the motion (accelerometer and gyroscope) and temperature sensor data via Bluetooth and displayed the data on the screen.
To better understand how the data was displayed on the screen, one version of the prototype showed the motion data from the iPad sensors.
What language is the application in?

The application is coded in Swift 3 using XCode as the IDE.