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Temperature Dashboard

Project Accomplishments
  • Investigated and researched IBM Bluemix Services for compatibility and functionality with Avnet IoT boards.

  • Modified IoT IBM Bluemix user interface dashboard web application code using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS on respective code modules.

  • Demonstrated IBM Bluemix application and new dashboard at Avnet Field Applications Engineering Expo with production MicroZed Industrial IoT Kit.

  • Attended 1-Week Avnet FAE Expo to assist in display and support of both Zedboard and Xilinx board offerings and their capabilities.  

IT/Data Analytics Intern
Avnet, Inc.
Summer 2016 (3 months)
What was the objective for this project?

The objective was to enhance the appearance and function of the web dashboard used to display the temperature sensor data from the MicroZed Industrial IoT Kit via any web browser.  To be accomplished via IBM Bluemix Services.  

What languages were used for this project?
  • HTML

  • Javascript

  • CSS

  • Node-RED

  • Node.js

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