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Chinese Calligraphy in the Present


The past is over.

The future may never be.

The present is all that exists.

Live each moment to the fullest.

- Buddha Board

Intention: I was gifted the original Buddha Board for my birthday which made the perfect opportunity on Labor Day weekend to learn Chinese calligraphy and connect with my roots. After watching a number of YouTube tutorials and practicing, I wanted to put together a reference for me to come back to when reinforcing what I have learned so far.

The Buddha Board allows me to be fully in the present and the "Master the art of letting go". After dipping the bamboo brush into the water, I am able to create strokes that last for only a few minutes before evaporating. The feeling is calming and puts my mind at ease while I am creating these temporary images.


11 Basic Strokes

Courtesy of ChineseFor.Us - Learn Chinese Mandarin Online


Chinese Character Stroke Order

1. Left to right

One - Yī

2. Top to bottom

Three - Sān

3. Horizontal then vertical

Ten - Shí

4. Outside to inside

Ask - Wèn

5. Middle before two sides

Small - Xiǎo

6. Inside before closing

To circle - Huí

I'll continue to keep adding onto this as I keep learning...

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